Solar energy helps in reducing electricity bill, grid dependency for power, reduces country's fossil fuel consumption and hence supports overall Growth of Us, Growth of Country! Off Grid Rooftop Solar Systems are more useful to Home, Hospitals & Small Commercial establishments as these can utilize the solar power during daytime periods, Excess solar and Mains. Soyo's Off-grid Invertors logic is designed as state of Art to use maximum solar energy from sun.

It works as priority to solar power. When solar power is present it cuts off the Mains supply to load and Inverter starts working on Solar power available, If solar power is less than the required load, Inverter takes power from Batteries to cater the load requirements. As the Solar power is increased, the Inverter is giving the power to load from solar only. And excess power is been stored in battery. When solar power is off, the inverter uses the Batteries up to certain level and keeps some power in battery, to use in case of Mains failure. Inverter will be switched over to Mains supply. Here the logic of system, utilises the maximum solar power. In Off-grid solar system we have maximum solar power, In Off-grid solar system we have to connectthe inverterto the specified load. Off Grid tie system generates 3 to 3.2 units per kilowatt solar panels.

1) Solar Panels

many pieces of solar cells assembled together to create a solar module, this solar module is the hard-core of a solar power system, also the most cost parts. The solar modules absorb sunlight and convert to electricity to store in battery or power the loads.

We have offers the “Solar Panels” which are Meets IEC 61215,IEC 61730 and IEC 61701 Standards (TUV Intercert Germany). Meets Worlds Standard.

2) Solar Off Grid Inverters

This is the heart of the system which converts DC voltage (energy) into AC form that is further provided to the load.

We are the own manufacturer of the Solar Off Grid Inverters.

  • 1) Intelligent charging sharing allows you to enjoy non-stop power.
  • 2) Decides when to use the Grid.
  • 3) In built solar charge controller.
  • 4) Having LCD display
  • 5) Output is purely Sine Wave.
  • 6) Protections – Overload, Short Circuit, Battery Deep Discharge, Mains Over Voltage, Reverse Connection Protections

3) Solar Batteries

We are the own manufacturer of the Solar Batteries

commonly used the Lead Acid batteries. It’s function was store the electricity generated by solar modules when there was sun lights, and release it when needed.

4) Solar Charge Controller

We are the own manufacturer of the Solar Solar Charge Controllers

controlling the working state of whole solar power system, also Protect the batteries from over charge and over dis-charge. A good controller also have a temperature compensate function when used in the area with big temperature difference. Also there are other optional function such as timer and photo switch.

5) Module Mounting Structure

Soyo Solar specializes in module mounting systems including design, supply and installation of Module Mounting Structures and associated foundations for solar PV power plants. We provide economical Module Mounting Structures for the solar PV industry, underwritten by our strong design and technical capabilities. One solution doesn’t fit all. We offer superior designs for solar farm projects, based on various input parameters like location, module size and type, and terrain information. Our Structures fabrication processes are robust and follow stringent quality norms. Our Module Mounting Systems are optimally designed for durability and long life based on project specifications. We use high-quality steel with Hot Deep Galvanizing able to sustain at Wind speed more then 180km/h .