About Solar Inverter

About Solar Inverter

This is new arriving product of Soyo Systems. Now we are engaged in manufacturing & supplying wide assortment range of Solar Inverter & power conditioning unit (PCU). Solar power is a reliable, efficient and effective method to power either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) loads. This solar system consists of three major subsystems, the snd tholar panels, the batteries are inverter circuit.

The solar inverter is more efficient as compared to regular inverters. A regular inverter basically uses a battery to store energy from the grid when supply is available. When the grid is cut off, it basically switches to power from the energy stored in the battery. Where as a Solar Inverter, generally is grid tied and can synchronously transfer the energy from the grid. This unit can basically feed into the electrical grid and has functions to attach to various PV (Photovoltaic) arrays. Solar Inverters also have islanding protection, that basically means to prevent automatic re-connection.

Sun energy is converted into electrical energy by the solar panels while the batteries store the electrical energy. The solar panels are connected to the batteries through a controller which controls the charging and discharging rate of the batteries. The load is powered from the batteries via the controller, as well as from the solar panels via the inverter circuit.

Solar Panel(s): Solar panels converts sun energy into electrical energy. This energy is in DC form which is stored in the battery.

MPPT Charge Controller: The controller functions to control the charge on the batteries. All actions of inverter are controlled by this charge controller unit.

Battery: Battery stores the electrical energy from the PV panel which is in DC form. It is then converted into AC supply using inverter circuit which powers the load when mains and solar is unavailable.

Inverter Circuit: Inverter used to convert DC voltage into AC voltage to supply the load when there is need to power AC load