A solar grid tied inverter converts the DC power into AC power used for commercial and domestic use. As the name suggests these inverters are specifically designed for grid applications where they will be tied into the utility grid and are commonly known as solar hybrid inverters. With solar grid tied inverters, it is possible to bring down the electricity bill; hence many business organizations prefer grid tied system by using a combination of both. A solar grid tied inverter is 100 % capable of catering to all your energy needs. The major benefit of solar grid-tied inverters is the net metering, where unused energy is fed back to the utility grid. When there is no power is being generated by the renewable energy system, the power required is drawn from the grid.

1) Fan less Technology with natural convection cooling increases the reliability & overall efficiency with Night Power Consumption less than 0.2W.

2) Three Level Technology with low THD using Texas DSP-Dual Core Processor for super faster speed & sampling to give more MPPT accuracy & efficiency.

3) Multiple String per MPPT Tracker- No AJB Require (array junction box), Multi color mimic LCD display- Long Life Greater than 50000 Hours.

4) All products are with IP21/65/IP67-Can be Design for Special Marine Application with Amorphous Multiline Core Technology with low Noise<20db

5) Super Capacitor for longer life with Watchdog Circuitry for Redundancy

6) Infineon IGBT with 20% extra rated power HF for low Noise with Inbuilt ELC (earth leakage circuit) and class-3 SPD protection in DC & AC side.

Our Inverters are approved by IEC, by NISE-National Institute of Solar Energy under MNRE for IEC-61226, IEC-61727, IEC-61683, IEC-612116

1) SINGLE PHASE : : 1 KW , 2 KW , 3 KW , 4 KW , 5 KW.

2) THREE PHASE : : 5 KW , 6 KW , 10 KW , 15 KW , 20 KW , 25 KW , 30 KW , 50 KW .